Fundraising Guidelines

As a national program, the expense for the entire experience for each athlete can be cost-prohibitive for some. Our goal is to develop innovative ways to minimize out-of-pocket costs for each family and athlete. To achieve this goal, we must have guidelines in place to ensure we are compliant with our processes and an asset to our members.  Fundraising balances can be viewed by accessing our online tracker  Click Here.

Acceptable Transfers

  1. All transfer requests must be submitted by a parent/guardian for a rostered athlete listed in Team Snap.  Click here to submit a request.
  2. Funds can only be transferred for registration/mandatory fundraiser, apparel, and *team activities (see suggested Team Activities below).
    • Post Season Travel, Lodging, Food
    • Pre Season Travel, Lodging, Food
    • Post Season celebration
  3. *Team Activities are structured to minimize the athlete's expense but can also be used to cover the athlete's family,  at the discretion of the organization.
    • (ex. Hotel costs can be invoiced to an athlete's family.  The cost can be covered by fundraising funds, but a credit card must be provided to the hotel for incidental charges at the time of check-in).
  4. Apparel transfers consist of alternate uniforms and spirit wear in our online store.
  5. Athlete transfers are acceptable to any sibling participating in any sport in the program.
  6. All fundraising and transfers will be logged in the athlete tracker and viewable to each athlete with their Athlete ID.

Time Frames

  1. All transfer requests must be submitted a minimum of 5-7 business days prior to the expected delivery date.
  2. The organization will be in a minimal operation status during the months of January, February, and tentatively December, and all transfer and allocation transactions will be suspended.  Availability during the month of December is contingent upon if there are still teams competing.

Expiration of Funds

  1. Funds will be available for 2 consecutive seasons. (ex. Fall 2022 and Fall 2023)
  2. If an athlete must leave the team for any reason during a season their funds are still available for the following season.  If they do not return the following season the funds will expire.
  3. If there is no eligible season for the athlete following their fundraising season, then the funds expire.  Funds must be used within the fundraising season that they were generated.  (ex. 12U Athletes in his/her final season must use funds before the conclusion of the season.)

Nonrefundable and Irreversible

  1. Once funds have been transferred they can not be refunded and the transaction can not be reversed.

Team Purchases updated 06/22/22

  1. All team purchases must be submitted via our Purchase Order system.
  2. All vendor POs must be accompanied by an invoice/bill of sales and a point of contact.  Ex.  Tournament Entry Fee must have website and point of contact for the tournament.
    • This additional step is used to ensure we have a clear path for resolution if we face any challenges.
  3. Cash Advances are not acceptable forms of payment for allocation of funds.
  4. If credit payment is not accepted, any fees associated with securing an alternate form of payment will be the responsibility of the team.  Ex. Money order cost.
  5. Please allow a minimum of business 5 days for PO invoices to be satisfied.  The 5 business days starts when we have a satisfactory invoice/bill of sales and point of contact.