Why sponsor our program?

As a youth based organization with aspirations of making a change in the community our supporters are critical to our success.  We pride ourselves on creating a lifetime experience within our program and each season we look for new opportunities to create new experiences.  In order to meet this goal our sponsors and partners are critical.  Through sponsorships you are planting a seed that will grow into an experience for our athletes and families.  Thanks in advance for considering us.


As a national organization our expenses are different than other programs. At times we have families that may need assistance to ensure their athlete is able to enjoy the full experience (ex. Travel, Uniforms, etc)


Post Covid the cost of new equipment and maintenance of equipment has gone up exponentially. Our goal each year is to ensure our athletes are in safe and up to date equipment and that they have access to where safety requirements are trending.

Special Events

Our greatest goal as an organization is to assist youth in balancing academics and athletic activities. We want to Increase resources available to parents to assist them in supporting their athlete. We feel that we can impact our community by creating events that will help our families.

Sponsorship Packages

Our team has designed 4 sponsorship packages for you to chooser from to support our organization.  Each package comes with the web sponsorship in which we will integrate your company logo, website  and profile into our site.  Please see the details on each package below.

Note: If you are not able to donate at the sponsor levels highlighted, we encourage you to contribute an amount that is right for you.   To begin the sponsorship process please complete the form below so one of our staff members can coordinate with you.