What to Expect

Our registration process includes a few steps to ensure all athletes are competing on a level playing field. Please see our steps outlined below for your assistance.

League ID

Every year each athlete must take a League ID picture to compete in the American Youth Football and Cheer League. This is used to verify the identity and eligibility of each athlete.

Physical Fitness

Each athlete must have a sports physical conducted by a medical professional to prove they are physically able to compete within our league.


Along with verifying your athlete's identity and physical fitness we send out digital paperwork to ensure we are all on the same page as it pertains to rules and regulations.

League ID Picture Make Up Day

On Aug 11th we will be taking our picture for our League ID for the second time.  Please click the link below for additional details.  The League ID is a requirement to participate in AYF.

Download Medical Clearance Form

Here is the 2022 physical form if you have not taken your student athlete to get their physical yet. This will need to be turned in to your team parent once completed, preferrably before August 1st.

Digital Packages

Our paperwork packages are being sent out on 7/14 . They will be sent to the email in TeamSnap and takes less than 2 minutes to complete. If you don't receive a package by 7/16 please request a package below.

Request a package

Please only use this if you not received your package. Check your spam or with the other parent/guardian listed on your student athlete's account. The email will come from Done Wright Design