Below is an image of our practice and home game campus.  There are a couple of housekeeping items we wanted to highlight and we have placed them on the map.  Please see additional details below.

  • Please use the green areas to the left and right of the school for PARKING as this is the preferred area.
  • Parking is permitted along the curb adjacent to the football field .
  • There is an exit door at the rear of the school as well a dumpster area that is highlighted in red and displayed with a NO PARKING sign.  This areas should not be used for parking at any time.
  • This campus is a child friendly zone and the following items are prohibited:
    • Smoking
    • Vaping
    • Alcohol Consumption
    • Drugs
    • Weapons
  • Please help us keep our campus clean by encouraging our athletes to pickup their water bottles and by disposing of all of our trash in the trash bins.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.